U of Nebraska Bills the RIAA for Wasted Time

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The University of Nebraska isn't scared by the RIAA and their army of undead, soulless lawyers. No, they're refusing to hand over student data to the bullies, but what makes them even cooler is the fact that they're billing the RIAA for the time they've wasted. Hot damn, that takes balls.


Will the RIAA pay up? Doubtful, but this sends a clear message that the U of N isn't going to put up with their BS. First the ISPs, now the colleges. You just can't find an institution that'll bend over and take it, can you, RIAA?

TechDirt [via BoingBoing]



Being a musician,and Disabled, I can say that this whole dialog is wrong. Protecting thieves does not put a college on a high moral ground. I can understand that, as Left-wing controlled institutions, they would support slave labor, and the disrespect of the hard-working individual, but the fact remains that Slavery was abolished about 150 years ago.

How do you think we make our living ? The Madonnas, Michael Jacksons and Bruce Springsteens are less that 1% of the musicians out there, and the other 99% barely make ends meet as it is - and now we have college students... the leaders of tomorrow... stealing from some of the poorest people in society. What are these students gonna be like when they enter the real world ?

If you steal independent music, you'll end up with strictly Gov't backed (sanctioned) garbage.