Uber-Geek Solves Two Rubik's Cubes While Playing Guitar Hero On Expert

What you're watching is "JRefleX93" playing Mr. Crowley in Guitar Hero on expert. With his elbow. While he does this, there are going to be two Rubik's Cubes entering the frame. By the end of the video they are solved.


He doesn't hit every note, sure, but he hits most of them, including the majority of those intense guitar solos. By the end he has a 77% rating and the hearts of geeky middle school gals the world over are his for the taking.

Money shot proof comes at the end, alongside a fade to black groan at about 6:15 that immediately destroys whatever geek cred this kid just spent six minutes of his life trying to create. [YouTube via Geekologie]



I am not going to feed any particular troll, as that way they don't show up in the featured comments, but....

The kid is skilled. Regardless of whether you think it would be more cool if he played a real guitar, or didn't get a perfect, or any number of other things, the boy certainly has an ability that many, nay, most, of us do not.

Could he play the cello and be the next Yo-Yo Ma? Possibly. Could he sit in his bedroom solving for the area under an infinite curve and doing researching into a cure for cancer? Maybe.

What many fail to realize is that most people with exceptional skills, such as this young man, probably don't have to spend inordinate amounts of time to pull off something such as this. They have ability that most of us lack. Does that mean that this youtube video is going to be the piece de resistance of this boy's creative and constructive endeavors? Hopefully not. He may flame out, but I am guessing he is probably going to be involved with something down the road, be it videogame designer, movie director, or math superstar, that will improve our lives.

Keep doing what your doing kid, and give me a shout-out in the liner notes when you show these tool boxes that playing guitar hero with your elbow isn't the pinnacle of your talent, but only an indicator.

This may be my longest post on the Giz yet! Sorry.