uCrown 2 Massage Helmet Is Not a Prop From The Last Starfighter

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I can't tell if the OSIM uCrown 2 really is a head massage device, a practical joke, an attempt to reinvent 1980s electronics styling, or some twisted mixture of all three. Also, there was a uCrown 1?


Now, if we're to accept that the head massage functionality as the goal, here's what Brookstone says this $200 piece of kit will deliver:

Air pressure masage
Vibration massage
Magnetic therapy
"Gentle" heat
Built-in speakers


The NES gray color scheme was surely included to give your noggin a healthy "nostalgia massage." Surely. [Brookstone via Coolest Gadgets via DVICE]

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Yeah, I only read this article when I say "The Last Starfighter", but was disappointed when there was no "Death Blossom" reference.