Ukraine Just Tweeted a Simpsons GIF at Russia Because 2017 Is Weird As Hell

Just when you think 2017 couldn’t get weirder, two countries get into a spat on Twitter and use a Simpsons GIF to accuse the other of aggression. Seriously.


Yes, it all started when the official, verified Twitter account for the country of Ukraine tweeted out this not-so-subtle jab at the fact that Ukraine had a diplomatic relationship with France long before Russia was on the scene:


The official, verified Twitter feed of Russia responded with a tweet saying that they were proud of their common history, imploring Ukraine that their heritage “should unite our nations, not divide us.”:

And then Ukraine responded with a GIF insinuating that Russia wanted to go back to the old days of the Soviet Union, back when Ukraine was part of the USSR:


Yes, not just any GIF. A GIF from the Simpsons. Specifically, the 19th episode of the 9th season, “Simpson Tide,” which premiered on March 29, 1998.

2017 is truly the weirdest possible timeline.


Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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What a time to be alive, countries using official twitter accounts to go after eachother using western media’s entertainment. lol