Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Earbuds Stuff in a Whopping Six Drivers per Bud

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For a quick primer on why multiple drivers (usually) matters, check out our Giz Explains on the subject—but suffice to say, more drivers often equals more better, and six is freaking crazy for earbuds.

Ultimate Ears, recently bought by Logitech, scored pretty highly on our Cut-the-Crap Earbud Battlemodo in the mid-range categories, but the 18 Pro buds are pure high-end: It's got two drivers each for bass, mids, and highs, in each bud. It's not a sure thing that that'll translate to better sound, and for the $1,350 asking price, it'd better—but given UE's track record, these could be pretty ultimate indeed. [Engadget]