Everyone is afraid of sharks but who doesn't think they're wicked cool? Come on! The beasts of the sea, the killers of the ocean, the king of the water. Don't you want to know what they're like? This wonderful iPad app tells you (without any chance of getting bit).


What's it do?

SHARKS! It's Shark Week folks and that means a constant loop of scary shark videos, lovely shark bites and messy shark attacks on TV during dinnertime. But you want MORE sharks don't you? You want to know what makes these beasts tick even though you don't want to take a dip with them. It's understandable. The Ultimate Sharks app, made by Discovery as a pseudo-companion app to Shark Week, gives you lists (10 deadliest sharks), tons o' videos, high res pictures and even 3D interactive sharks that respond to your touch.


Why do we like it?

Let me tell you this. Is there anything more impressive than people who have survived a shark attack? Of course not! The app includes the craziest, downright unbelievable stories of survivors and their amazing stories. These beasts are deadly and the humans who've lived to say they fought 'em off are incredible. Also, it's almost information overload on sharks—but in a good way!—so you always have something to read and learn. It's the sort of app that can only exist on a tablet—beautiful visuals, interactive software, videos, images, stories, text—as versatile as an app can get. In fact, it blends the definition of app, book and interactive exhibit together.

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Ultimate Sharks

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