Um, A Vial of a Deadly Virus Went Missing from a Lab

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This is completely reassuring, we don't have to worry. A vial containing a virus that causes hemorrhagic fever has gone missing from a research facility in Texas. Okay, maybe we should worry.


The virus can only be transmitted through contact with rats from Venezuela. It, let's cross our fingers now, "is not believed" to be able to be transmitted through US rats or people. So worst case scenario we lose South America first, I guess.

It doesn't look like any foul play was involved as the University of Texas Medical Branch said that there wasn't a breach in the security of its facilities. What officials suspect is that the vial may have been destroyed during the cleaning process. So if you live in Texas and see a random vial lying on the street don't try to make purple drank out of it. For the rest of us. [CBS News, Image Credit: Neokryuger/Shutterstock]

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"...we lose South America first, I guess"??? Fuck your racist ass, Gizmodo.

Sincerely: A former avid south american reader.