Undead Teddy Ruxpin and Elmo: Thrift Shop

If Furbies have taught us anything, it's that felt-covered animatronics are not to be trusted—they are to be feared. Especially when two of your childhood icons are revived as hip-pop-spouting zombies, as they are in this nightmare-inducing cover of the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit.


Built and programmed by YT contributor and veritable Dr. Frankenstein of consumer electronics, BD594, this terrifying six-piece robotic band was collected entirely from local thrift shops (very meta). As their inventor explains, "Initially I tried to program the vocals with DECTalk but it was unintelligible. All the toys were purchased from Goodwill and Value Village. I apologize for my failed attempt to turn Elmo and Teddy Ruxpin into Zombies." Zombie or not, Elmo's glowing red eyes are guaranteed to haunt your dreams.

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