Undercover TSA Agent Slips Mysterious Package onto JetBlue Flight with $100 Bribe

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The airport is turning on itself! A TSA agent, usually the scourge of news headlines, is actually on the good guy side of this one—exposing a frightening hole in JetBlue's security practices. A giant, dangerous, very cheap hole.


An undercover TSA operative, posing as a completely unknown person (sans ticket) was able to get an unscreened package onto a JetBlue flight by slipping the ticket agent a hundred bucks. All he said was that he needed to get a package to Boston, and that he'd pay to get it past security. Not a suspicious request at all! He was then given another passenger's ticket, and the package sailed through without any problems. You, JetBlue, failed the test.

JetBlue has fired the ticket agent in question. Good. But that should just be the start. No matter how many backscatter machines or testicle-grabbing searchers the TSA employs, the allure of a petty bribe will render it all useless. The brains at the front of the process need to match the tech at the back. [Seattle PI via Consumerist]


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"the package went through the screening process with no problems."

I wish this article explained things a little more thoroughly. It sounds like the guy bribed the ticket agent to attach a package to someone else's ticket. Meaning that it went through the standard screening process that all luggage, packages, etc. go through to travel. The article points out that packages are screened just like luggage.

So, yeah, it's not cool that the TSA agent bribed a ticket counter agent, but it's not like he slipped it past security w/out a screening process.