Universal ECG is World's Smallest, Sedates Your Curiosity Anywhere

DRE, the Louisville medical tech company, has just unleashed the world's smallest ECG system. The compact device consists of the obligatory 12 leads and a small attachment that carries the necessary software for ECG interpretation. The Universal ECG hooks directly up to desktop PCs, laptops or Pocket PCs running Windows XP or 2000.

Unlike old school devices that use a clunky great machine, the Universal ECG can save electrocardiogram data directly to the physician's computer for analysis and sharing, which should save cash on printing out millions of the readouts each day. Though the device probably won't be as accurate as said clunky machine, its portability will surely make it a must for all those hypercondriacs among us. Feeling a little coronary ischemia coming on? (House rules.) [Medgadget]


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