New Yorkers rarely have time to stop and look up at the city around them, but the Museum of Modern Art is pushing us to do just that with a city-wide scavenger hunt that challenges players to explore the city's architectural landmarks.

To play the game, watch for MoMA's daily clue posted to its Foursquare and Facebook pages, which will point you towards a lesser-known building in the city. If you check in on Foursquare, you get $5 off admission at MoMA. Here's today's clue:

This 48-story building, designed by Harrison Abramovitz & Harris, opened in 1959 and marked the expansion of an existing center.


Can you guess? Here's a picture:

Image via Flickr

Give up? The answer is the McGraw-Hill Building. Located at 1221 Avenue of the Americas, it's one of a trio of buildings designed by Wallace Harrison, and known as the XYZ Buildings, that were constructed as a part of the expansion of Rockefeller Center in the late 60s. The one you're looking at is the Y. See, we're all learning something and we're not even hunting yet!


The impetus for the scavenger hunt (besides the discount) is two exhibits currently on display at MoMA—one focuses on Henri Labrouste and the other, on Le Corbusier. Both of these men influenced (and were influenced by) American architecture—especially in New York City, where Le Corbusier made his mark with the UN Building in 1948.

Among some of the places you'll see on MoMA's tour? Grand Central Station, the Macy's at Herald Square, the Williamsburg Bridge, and tons of other spots from parks to places of worship to homes. But don't let me ruin the hunt before you figure out the clues for yourself! [MoMA]