Unnamed Vizio Tablet Sneaks Into Rose Bowl Coverage

Mere seconds into the chairman's message at this year's Rose Bowl a mysterious Vizio tablet appeared. The appearance was rather without warning or details, yet it was certainly there, revealed on national television. More to come at CES, perhaps.


While specifics were not something Vizio chief sales officer Randy Waynick was about to give up during his remarks, the rumor mill is pretty sure that the device was not a 7-inch portable Vizio TV.

As for what the device runs, it could very well be Android, although the button configuration hints at a possible Windows Phone 7 appearance as well. No one's saying anything for sure, save for the "new" devices Waynick hints at while conveniently clutching the unnamed tablet. [Engadget]

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One thing I can specifically tell you about it is that since it is made by Vizio it is worthless garbage. Friends don't let friends buy Vizio.