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Unofficial Modbook Gets Dated, More Spec Details

Illustration for article titled Unofficial Modbook Gets Dated, More Spec Details

Remember the Modbook that peeked its head out back in January during MacWorld? It is readying for shipping, and more details about the specs have also surfaced. For those still clueless what the hell I'm talking about: the Modbook is an Apple MacBook that has been modded into a tablet PC by the folks at The Other World Computing and will be sold to the masses.


This tablet can be customized with up to 3GB of memory, a 7200rpm drive, and you can even ditch the optical drive in favor of another hard drive. You will have to definitely pay for it, though. Prices for the Modbook begin at $2,279, and they will begin shipping in June.

Product Page [Via jkOnTheRun]

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I do not think that this product will ever hit consumers. It appears that they are not even trying to guess on a release date anymore.

The release date on their website keeps getting pushed back. The last published release date that I saw on their site last month was July. I visited their site on July 4th and now they have removed any sign of a projected release date.

I can only assume that they are having technical, financial or legal problems with Apple. Has anyone heard if Apple has endorsed this modification.

There was another product like this about 10 years ago before Apple started shipping laptops. It was back when Apple was letting some manufacturers ship Mac clones. A group out of Canada came up with a Mac laptop that looked cool. It was a bit large and brick like, but at the time it was a cool product. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for consumers, it never shipped. Good thing for me, I would probably have one buried in my garage along with my newtons.

That reminds me...I need to see what these damn newtons are going for on eBay. I have three of them...maybe I can sell them and scrap of enough for a new iPhone. Or maybe enough for a car charger for an iPhone. :)