Up To 30 Million Mexicans Could Have Their Cellphones Cut Off This Weekend

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If you live in Mexico, you may just be shit out of luck this weekend if you want to actually get any use out of your cellphone. Unless you've registered your number due to the new law, that is.

Over 30 million cellphone numbers remain unregistered, and unless they send their personal contact details as a text message to their cellphone network, under new laws passed by the Mexican government a year ago. The deadline is this Saturday, and will hopefully cut down on crime conducted by cellphones, according to their government—and world-famous billionaire Carlos Slim, who's in charge of the largest network there, America Movil. Rival network Telefonica opposes the bill, and has said they won't be cutting anyone's lines off as the ability to call and send text messages "can not be denied to the population," rightly so. [Reuters]

Image Credit: Quinn.Anya