Urinal Headrest Invention Would Make Thomas Edison Proud

This, my friends, is the greatest patent the world has ever known. Brilliant in its simplicity, it's a headrest for placement above urinals. I mean, haven't we all been in a state where we would just love to take a quick nap while peeing, but worried about the cleanliness/comfort of the tiled wall above the urinal? I know I certainly have. Come on, manufacturers. Let's make this one happen so drunks everywhere can pee with a bit more comfort and a little less dignity.

Update: Reader Evan Ryan just sent us a picture of a very similar contraption that he and his frat brothers, generally known to be the smartest people on any college campus, rigged up at their house at University of Illinois. They're currently preparing a lawsuit. Click through to check it out.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

[Inventor Spot via Geekologie]

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