US Detains and Deports Two Morons Over Dumb "Destroy America" Tweets

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In a fun convergence of dumb social media behavior and bureaucratic ineptitude, two idiotic Brits were detained by armed guards at Los Angeles International Airport for incredibly dumb (but totally harmless) tweets about "destroying America" and "diggin' up Marilyn Monroe."

Leigh Van Bryan and his friend Emily Bunting were held because Leigh had (weeks prior) tweeted at a friend "free this week for a quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America? x". He claims it's totally innocent British slang, but the Department of Homeland Security was unconvinced, noting that the Irishman had also "posted on his Tweeted website account" that he was going to exhume Miss Monroe. That's apparently a Family Guy reference, which doesn't make it any less annoying. Naturally, DHS checked the pair for spades.

Everything about this is hugely stupid and annoying, and I'm totally okay with refusing entry to the US based on idiotic Twitter parlance. But still, it's a little amazing and a lot disconcerting that the DHS can mess up your vacation because it never learned its context clues. [The Sun via Hacker News]

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If I saw someone tweet that they were coming to destroy America, my actual first interpretation of that would be figurative. Sorta like when your buddy points at the hot blonde in the corner and say "bro, tonight, I'm TOTALLY going to wreck that chick." I don't expect to see her the next day with a black eye, shaved head, and missing a leg, that would not be cool and I may call the police on him. I would expect her to just be walking funny and maybe crying, at which point I'd throw em' a fist bump and buy him a bear.