USB Awesome Laptop Speaker Is Bendy, Looks Vintage-y

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If this self-declared Awesome Laptop Speaker is like most of the wares you buy at Urban Outfitters, you're probably paying a hefty markup for poorly made crap on the basis of its pseudo-vintage aesthetics (and it matches your MBP!). But supposedly this USB speaker (which is, admittedly, attractive) will pump out The Arcade Fire with more gusto than your tinny laptop speakers will, and it's only $40. And hey, it's bendy! I have the feeling the bass leaves something to be desired, though. [Urban Outfitters via Shiny Shiny]


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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Well, to tell you the truth the only computer I ever have a need for sound are sadly laptops (as the towers just kind of sit and hum). I, sadly, having only a modest use for sound may actually buy this (and use it when nobody is looking).

@GeekyNerdGuy: Yeah, kind of looks like a tampad.