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USB Dancing Robot

Illustration for article titled USB Dancing Robot

By sacrificing a single USB port, you can have your very own 7-inch-tall, dancing robot to tirelessly bust a move for your pleasure. After detecting whatever tune you have playing, USB Dancing Robot will start swaying and flashing LEDs to the beat. And that looks like all it'll do. Forever.


The USB Dancing Robot is a tad steeply priced for what it is at 25 smackaroos, and it'll only work with Windows XP or 2000. We love its boxy retro design, but what's with that crazy face it's making? Guess you'll have to check out the source site, cheesy inspirational music and all, to find out. [USB Geek]

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what the hell is with these useless stupid usb things that they are making? They can make more usefull things with time that they use to think of this scheisse