USB Vacuum With Retractable Cable Sucks Your Germs Away

Why do you need a USB Vacuum? Well, did you know the dirtiest part of your desk is probably your keyboard and mouse? Think about it, you and your unwashed hands, touching your keyboard day after day, scraping snot and belly button lint everywhere. Then there's your ham sandwich crumbs cozying up to your diet coke spatter, fermenting into some penicillin-like breakthrough in pharmacology. Screw that. Get one of these USB Mini Vacuums with the retractable cable and suck away all that gunk.

The cable is both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compliant for some high speed 480 megabits per second sucking. There's even a turbo mode to clean at 24,000 RPM. Grab yours today for a low, low price of $14.


Product Page [Brando via Gearlog]

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