Using an Excavator As a DIY Water Park Ride Is Death Defying Fun

It's the middle of August. It's hot. You want to break open every fire hydrant you see. You view ice cubes as a precious resource. You see air conditioning as the greatest invention ever created. You can't wait to forget that you are a sweaty pig. You are jealous of these three guys in Russia who have hitched themselves to the insides of an excavator that dunks, swings, re-dunks, re-swings, re-re-re-dunks and keeps dunking them in a lake. Who cares if it looks dirty. Who cares if it looks like you'd probably drown. It looks like a hell of a good time. [TurkeyEuropechannel via Geekosystem]

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I bet they have a neat view as this thing moves side to side because its moving fast enough that the water seems to spread around the bucket, rather than fill it.