V-Moda Over-The-Ear Headphones

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We may not all agree about V-Moda products' quality, but most of us will admit that there's something appealing about their funky designs. So for those who love the brand, there's good news: V-Moda has finally started making over-the-ear headphones.


The Crossfade LP headphones will run you $250 and are available in chrome and white.


Groundbreaking Over-Ear Headphones Feature Lightweight Metal Design, Exclusive Materials, Revolutionary 50mm Dual-Diaphragm HD Drivers and Ultimate Ergonomics

HOLLYWOOD (May 26, 2010) – V-MODA, the authentic music lifestyle brand and manufacturer of award-winning headphones, today announces the launch of Crossfade LP, the world's most fashion-forward headphone. Developed over the span of four years in collaboration with the world's top musicians, producers and DJs, the Crossfade LP delivers epic sound with a distinct design composed of the most luxurious materials and ultra lightweight metals. Designed to be the ultimate multi-purpose headphone, Crossfade LP performs perfectly while on the move, at the gym or on stage.

Crossfade LP features revolutionary patent-pending 50mm Dual-Diaphragm High-Definition Drivers delivering multiple driver sound with the efficiency of a single driver. The result is deep vibrant bass, organic mid-range, and crystal clarity on portable devices without the need for any batteries. The driver's unique diaphragm is constructed of a harder inner ring providing an extended high range and a softer outer ring for deep lows, resulting in an unprecedented sound. Supple memory foam ear cushions isolate noise and immerse you into your own world of audio nirvana.

With the Crossfade LP, music lovers experience a sophisticated headphone with a true fashion-forward look. Constructed of lightweight metals and luxurious fabrics, the Crossfade LP is available in White Pearl, Phantom Chrome and Gunmetal Black. For people on the move, the Crossfade LP is equipped with a detachable cable featuring a three-button remote control and high-fidelity microphone to easily change volume and answer or end phone calls.

Using a revolutionary metal "V" design and supple memory foam ear cushions, the Crossfade LP is incredibly lightweight and offers a comfortable fit tailored by ergonomic experts. Relentless research went into the precise shape and materials of the headband and ear cushions, resulting in a tailored, fashionable fit without unsightly gaps and minimal pressure on the head and ears for extended play. Four years of testing the Crossfade LP on tour and in everyday life situations resulted in a tank-like steel frame, flexible memory headband, and detachable Kevlar®-reinforced cables to ensure unprecedented rock solid durability.

"Your headphones should be as unique as your style and your music - they are the most visible product that you wear and experience music with every day. We created Crossfade LP to provide an epic sound that recreates the sensations of the best club systems with a distinct design that makes these an essential fashion accessory for all music lovers," said Val Kolton, CEO, V-MODA. "Our collaboration with the world's top musicians and DJs helped us to create the ultimate over-ear headphones that raise the bar in sound, style and durability. When you put these headphones on, you feel like you just hit the dance floor of a rocking club in Ibiza."

Equipped with a detachable three-button remote control and microphone cable, the Crossfade LP lets you take calls in stereo. The remote/mic cable gives complete control of calls and music, featuring volume control, music and video playback, voice memo recording and the ability to answer calls with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. In addition, the remote control is compatible with the latest Mac lineup, including the MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro and can be used to iChat, play games and utilize other audio recording applications. A long (69") audio cable with ¼" adapter is also included so you can listen to music from your iPod, iPad, DJ mixer and professional audio equipment.

The Crossfade LP includes:

  • Two detachable Kevlar®-reinforced cables with 24k gold-plated 45 degree plugs: One 3.5mm audio fabric cable for universal audio device compatibility and one 3.5mm fabric cable with three-button remote control and microphone for use with the latest iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod and MacBook
  • One ¼" adapter for DJ and pro audio system connectivity
  • Distinctive exoskeleton carrying case with V-STRAP storage system, ensuring headphones are protected in style
  • One-year V-MODA premier warranty
  • Replay Replacement Program – 50 percent off lifetime discount to replace consumer-damaged headphones

Crossfade LP is currently available for $249.99 through Apple's retail stores, the Apple Store® (www.apple.com) and online at shop.vmoda.com.

Please visit v-moda.com for additional details. To see more information and videos on V-MODA's dedication to quality and durability, visit v-moda.com/quality.




Despite their relative cheap build, you can't beat the V-Moda Bass Freq headphones for sound quality.

The Vibe Duo are good too, just not as good IMHO.