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Verizon Is Screwing the Galaxy Nexus By Blocking Google Wallet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dammit Verizon. Would you get your hands off of the Galaxy Nexus for one second? After bloating the upcoming Android reference phone with crappy carrier apps, ComputerWorld is reporting that Verizon will also be blocking Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus.


Google Wallet, what we think is the future of money, is an app that lets you pay for things with your phone via NFC. Just tap your phone on a terminal and cha-ching, money is evaporated from your credit card account without ever needing to pull said credit card out. What's more amazing is that on the software side it'll cull together digital coupons and loyalty cards so there's even less stuff to carry around. It has a lot of potential! But more people need to use it. It's only available on the Sprint Nexus S 4G.


That's why it's so sad to see Verizon block people from using Google Wallet (Verizon Galaxy Nexus users won't see the Google Wallet app in the Android Market). Especially on a reference phone like the Galaxy Nexus that should represent the purest Android experience. Plus it's a dick move, presumably because Verizon will eventually be pimping its own phone payment service, ISIS (which Verizon is working on with AT&T and T-Mobile), over Google's. ISIS sounds promising but it hasn't launched yet and, well, when was the last time carriers did something good for you? [ComputerWorld, 9to5Mac]