Verizon to Double Early Termination Fee

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Now, you can sign a new contract with Verizon, pick any phone and then ditch the service for $175. But according to a leaked doc, those days are numbered.


Beginning 11/15, early terminations on contracts with unspecified "advanced device"(s) will be subject to a fee of $350. And while that policy might slow ebay entrepreneurs just looking to make a few easy bucks on a resold Blackberry, it's devastating to the average guy who just wants to ditch his contract early.

The good news, however, is that fee will drop by $10 every month. But still, that's a $110 termination fee in month 23 of a 2-year contract...which is clearly absurd. [BGR]



Someone please explain to me how a company can charge an ETF with the reasoning that it's to ensure the subsidy of the phones they sell with contracts at drastically lower prices than the MSRP, yet once you complete your contract, your rates stay the same even though you are no longer making up for the price of the phone. #verizonearlyterminationfee