Verizon Very Publicly Hates Unlimited Data Plans

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Refreshingly, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all inching back towards “unlimited data plans” (restrictions most certainly apply). But Verizon? Verizon insists that its customers don’t need that shit.

At the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference in New York on Thursday, Verizon CFO Fred Shammo was asked about unlimited plans and according to CNET, nixed the idea, saying “at the end of the day, people don’t need unlimited plans.”



Shammo went on to say that, “you cannot make money on an unlimited video world.”

CNET says Shammo was quick to criticize the types of users who like unlimited data plans:

Another reason why Shammo is so against unlimited: Heavy users who gravitate towards those plans “tend to be abusive,” overloading the network and affecting the experience of those around them.


Verizon really hates users who use a lot of data. In July, the company said it would start kicking users on its grandfathered unlimited plan (that disappeared back in 2011) off its network if they use more than 100GB of data a month. Verizon has also continued to raise the price on those grandfathered unlimited plans, probably in an attempt to get them onto a regular tiered plan.

At the conference, Shammo also slammed the efforts of other carriers to offer unlimited plans with caveats—something we’ve also criticized—saying that he believes its more “customer friendly” to let users do everything on their phones without artificial throttles.


Look, we’ll agree there, artificial throttling is the worst. Whether or not people “need” unlimited data could be debated. But if you want unlimited data, at least you know which carrier not to choose: Verizon.