Verizon Wireless Launches Three More Anti-AT&T 3G Network Commercials

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Today Verizon responded to AT&T's "There's a Map For That" lawsuit by releasing a slew of new commercials with similar themes and messaging. The battle continues, this time on the infamous Island of Misfit Toys.

The first commercial, which I saw air for the first time during the New England Patriots game this afternoon, is called Verizon Blue Christmas (above). As Elvis croons, a man depressingly makes his way home with no cell coverage. He's utterly sad until he sees that a wrapped, red present might just contain the phone he's really looking for.

The second commercial, below, shows us that the "naughty" people won't be getting coal in their stockings this year. Nope, they'll be getting spotty AT&T 3G service instead! Ho ho ho.

The last commercial places an iPhone-esque phone on the Island of Misfit Toys.

The phone seems out of place, at least until the toys get a glimpse of its 3G network. "You'll fit right in!" they scream. And then we all just laugh and laugh. [Verizon's YouTube Account]