Vertical Patio Transforms To Save Precious Outdoor Space

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There is no doubt that the big trend right now in home design is about saving space. However, many of the designs we have seen in the past focus on the interior. The Vertical Patio from Pique Architecture takes the concept outdoors with a design that gets the most out of a small backyard using an elaborate fold away design.


The customer that commissioned the patio wanted to incorporate a grill patio, hot tub, changing room, dining table, bar, stool, reading area, and security gates into the design while still keeping things as open as possible. Amazingly enough, Pique managed to deliver—but I can't say that I would dig this massive wooden eyesore jutting out from the back of my house. [Pique via Dwell via Treehugger]

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Yeah, until a hurricane comes along and converts it into a pile of debris. I guess you could still convert it into a grill by lighting it on fire. I guess it does work.