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Veuve Clicquot's New Packaging Transforms Into Its Own Bottle Chiller

Illustration for article titled Veuve Clicquots New Packaging Transforms Into Its Own Bottle Chiller

Champagne is for celebrating. But what sort of shoddy celebration would it be if it were warm? Veuve's thinking ahead this holiday season with a new "Fashionably Clicquot" package that quickly transforms into a handy—and handsome!—ice bucket.


The top half of the signature black and yellow box just slides off to give the origami-like bottom space to expand into a skirt-shaped triangle. (Indeed the design is inspired by French haute couture fashion houses.) Since the inner coating of the package is water resistant you can fill it up with ice cubes and drop in the bottle of bubbly without making mess. Afterwards, the empty container is a suitable stand-in for a lampshade.

The versatile holiday special champagne is available now for $80 a bottle. [PSFK]

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Brent Rose

Holy shit that's a good idea.