Vibrating Breast Enhancer Claims to Boost Your Mammaries

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Unlike Pangao's Magic Massage Bra, these bizarre little inserts support (cough) almost any bra to "quickly improve, firm and increase your bust." Apparently, "just a half hour per day" is all that's required to see results.


$10.69 (plus $5.49 shipping) gets you two battery-powered inserts.

Features from the site:

* Quickly improve, firm and increase your bust.
* Electronic Breast Enhancer Enlargement Massager Vibration.
* Inserts Breast Massager into your bra and gently massage your breasts to against age and gravity to help your breasts healthy.
* Most women wear Electronic Breast Enhancer at home, initially, just a half hour per day and then as required by seeing the results.
* The soft vibration was enjoyable for the women who have trailed the bra insert, which is have a small battery powered device built into it. ( each piece only powered by a AG13 cell )
* Dimensions: 9.3 x 4 x 0.4cm
* Color: picture show
* Weight: 119.9g


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