Video: Concept Symbian Interface Blends Augmented Reality Maps and Social Networking

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The flashy concept was shown at the Symbian Foundation's SEE 2009 keynote last month, and actually looks pretty cool. But is it too little, too late?

Only LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson make Symbian phones of note—Motorola axed its line. Samsung puts its TouchWiz UI on top of the dreadful S60 OS, and Sony Ericsson will likely do the same with its Rachael interface. Android is taking off, and even Nokia is looking to its Linux-based Maemo OS for its best stuff, like the N900. The Symbian OS still has a big slice of the phone market, but for how long?


And the cool UI in this video: The Symbian Foundation says that it's not part of the Symbian UI roadmap, but they hope some of its features and effects make it into their reference UI and/or delivered handsets. Will you still care? [All About Symbian via SlashGear]