Video: How delicious bourbon whiskey is made

I drink bourbon because it's good for you. And because it's delicious. And because it has alcohol. And because it's lovingly made by people who love bourbon just as much as me. Gear Patrol took a tour of 12 bourbon distilleries in 5 days to show how the best bourbon makers make their bourbon.


Drink up.

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That was an interesting point about re-using barrels and comparing it to getting a second cup from a tea bag.

As was mentioned in the five rules speech, Bourbon needs to be aged in a new barrel every time, and this is something that makers have been fighting to change for years now because those barrels are pretty damn expensive and they don't necessarily make it back when they sell them on... frequently to Scottish distilleries who have no such rule. As for the tea bag comparison it's wrong on several grounds the most notable being that the wood takes in a lot of that flavouring which can and is passed on into the next batch. Take a look at Laphroaig aged in Maker's Mark barrels - in fact have a glass of Laphroaig and a glass of Makers Mark to compare them and the traits they share. Then look at Whiskies which were aged in brandy barrels and see the different colours and flavours produced through that process, it really is an interesting process.

Oh and in Scotland that alcohol evaporation is called the "Angel's share" - much more poetic don't you think?