Video of iPhone Sim Free Unbricking and Unlocking (Verdict: It Works)

Click to viewWe have tested iPhone Sim Free claims and they work. It still not a process for the faint of heart, as it requires using command line-voodoo for the jailbreak and activation, but it works perfectly. Plus, as we proved here, this new IPSF update can unbrick iPhones bricked as a result of anySIM/iUnlock and the 1.1.1 update. Our iPhone is now completely unlocked and open for apps now under Apple's latest firmware.


First, we got an iPhone with firmware 1.0.2 that was unlocked with anySim, one of the free software unlocks. We then updated to firmware 1.1.1 using iTunes and, as expected, the iPhone was bricked.

After that, we had to take back the iPhone to 1.0.2 using the restart trick and iNDependence. Once we were in 1.0.2, we installed the iPhone Sim Free program in the iPhone using AppTapp and Safari, running it successfully. The IPSF software fixed the baseband firmware and proceeded to do the unlock normally. After the process was finished, we activated again and it worked just fine.

Then it was time to test their claims that their unlock is "permanent," at least for this firmware jump. We updated the firmware back to 1.1.1 using iTunes and the iPhone was deactivated as a result. At this point we had to use the Dev Team's 1.1.1 jailbreak and activation method, but once the iPhone was activated again, the unlock was indeed there. Seconds later, we were talking on the Vodafone Spanish network.



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