Video of Space Boomerang Is Exactly What You Expect

We knew that boomerangs work in space because Takao Doi tried one in the International Space Station last month. Now, thanks to JAXA's obsession with cameras we have proof on video. The usual skeptics who think that Elvis is really the only human that ever went to the moon—and still lives there—will be happy. [JAXA via Pink Tentacle]


@ArielWollinger: Thank you, I came here to comment about that. Someone who believes Elvis is still alive, or that the moon landing didn't happen, isn't a skeptic, they're a paranoid, conspiracy-theorist, moron. There's a pretty damn big difference. Skeptics take concepts that don't quite seem to add up and expect proof or better evidence before accepting them.

As for conspiracy theorists, keep in mind that videos have never convinced them. They're too easy to fix in post.