Video of the Giant Squid Attacking a Submarine

Our friend Jonnypartys at The Scuttlefish found this video of the Architeuthis, the living kraken filmed by Tsunemi Kubodera and his team after 400 hours in a research sub. It's only a few seconds, but you can see the beast both peacefully floating and attacking the submarine.


The monster was kind of pissed off, but I don't blame it. According to Kubodera, they live "a solitary existence, swimming about all alone in the deep sea. It doesn't live in a group, so when I saw it, well, it looked to me like it was rather lonely."


Single tear.

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Size comparison

The complete footage will be shown by the Discovery Channel for the season finale of Curiosity. [The Scuttlefish]


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REMARKABLE FOOTAGE of which we'll show you 2 seconds on repeat. What is this, a fucking .gif? Giant squid on film for the first time and here's the footage condensed to 29kb.