Video of The Motorola Z8 In Action: Weird Curved Design


Sometimes all the pictures in the world just don't do a phone justice. Case in point, the Motorola Z8. Motorola's demoing it over at 3GSM and letting ethically challenged journalists feel it up. Of note is the curved design and the fact that the interface doesn't completely suck, quite possibly a first for a Motorola cellphone.

Motorola Z8 Hands On [CrunchGear]


On the contrary, DeadPlasma, I can't understand why people like clamshells so much, with their clumsy way of opening. If you grab it wrong, for example, if your rushing to pick up your phone, the case closes and you hang up on someone. With a slider you have that same effect, but in a much nicer and less cumbersome way of opening.

I have my first clamshell right now and I hate it, I can't wait to replace it for a slider or a candy-bar.

But that's just me, diffr'nt strokes, for diffr'nt folks, you know.