The tallest apartment building in America sways 4 to 5 feet

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Living in the tallest apartment building in America—and the northern hemisphere—will feel like living inside the Lincoln Memorial but with bathtubs, awesome views, and a permanent sensation of wanting to vomit: The ultra-thin skyscraper sways four to five feet, as this video filmed from the top shows.


In a day with the right weather, your $95 million apartment near the top of this tower—which is taller than the Empire State Building—will sway from four to five feet. That is is a lot of sway.

For comparison, the Burj Khalifa—which is 2,717 feet (828 meters), almost double the 1,379 feet (420 meters) of 432 Park Avenue—sways about five feet. One World Trade Center, which is taller (1,776 feet, 541 meters) than this luxurious skyscraper, only sways three feet. The Sears Tower average sway is six inches, although it can do 12 inches in strong winds according to Dupont.

Four to five feet is more than enough to notice and have an effect on people. If you get seasick, don't buy an apartment here.


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