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Video: These Parkour Bike Tricks Are Super Wild

There’s a lot of good ways to experience a city. You can walk and enjoy the outdoors but that takes a bit of time. You could ride any above ground public transportation system but that traps you inside. You could drive a car but that makes you miss out on things as you focus on the road. Or you could bike and have fun. Tim Knoll, BMX biker, chose to bike around Berlin. And to our benefit, he also busted out so many wildly creative bike tricks as he cycled through the city too.


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You must be young. This is called Flatland(ing) as was at peek popularity 15-20 years ago ...

When I was a kid we would see it on TV (youtube didnt exist) and then go wreck our Walmart bikes trying to do the same stunts.

It was how those of us who were poor and in poor neighborhoods did bmx. There were no skate/bike parks so “flat land” (get it) was all we had.