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Video:"Worlds Toughest Phone" Christened With Car Wheels and Beer Baths

Illustration for article titled Video:Worlds Toughest Phone Christened With Car Wheels and Beer Baths

To celebrate the launch of the Sonim XP1 GSM, Sonim Technologies is taking the seemingly indestructible device on the road with the "World's Toughest Phone Tour." In order to prove its mettle with potential European customers, participants can feel free to beat the hell out of the phone in any way they see fit. The Bluetooth and Push-to-Talk enabled XP1 features protection from heavy water, wind, and dust exposure, extreme temperatures and any manner of abuse that you can throw at it. More info and videos are after the break.

Even if you are a special breed of moron when it comes to safeguarding your gadgets, you can rest easy knowing you have a 3-year unconditional warranty. Too bad they couldn't make it look any better. Hit the link for more info and vids from the tour. [Sonim via Cnet via Wired]


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I'm sorry, but let's point at the emperor's naked body and laugh at his love handles. I'd be willing to bet any phone with a < 1 inch metal framed form-factor, when rolled upon by the flat of a wheel, would survive with NO injury. Yes, while I think its dicey, I'd question if the iPhone's screen could take that pressure for a short period (if they'd left it plastic instead of glass, I'd be SURE of it). They had it laying on some kind of foam padding too, no doubt. Instead of these goofy useless tests, they need to bring in a squandron of other "industrial strength" phones, and conduct the SAME TEST, and watch the other phone slip apart. This, "look what I can do" stuff is silly without any context.