ViDock Gfx Connects Your Laptop to a Whole Bunch of Displays

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The ViDock Gfx is an Express Card/34 card and video box combo that can drive two external monitors. Nothing unusual there, except that the manufacturer claims this one is extremely fast and, quite frankly, seeing it in action in the photo above looked cool enough to be worthy of an entry in the Best Giz Readers' Computer Rigs contest. The ViDock Gfx will be available in April in 128- and 256-MByte flavors. Full press release after the jump.

CeBit 2008 - Village Tronic will show ViDock Gfx, an extraordinary graphics docking solution for portable computers.
Hanover, March 4th 2008 - Village Tronic is proud to announce during the CeBit fair will that ViDock Gfx, the first product of a new family of graphics docking solutions for notebooks, will begin delivery early in Q2 this year.
The ViDock family of graphics docking solutions is aimed at the professional user that wants to use a single portable computer both on the road and with a large display area made up of multiple screens in the office.
ViDock Gfx allows IT managers and finance professionals to view large quantities of data across multiple screens. Creative professionals can take advantage of ViDock's powerful multi-display support to experience the final work on one screen while viewing edit commands on another. Home users and gamers can use ViDock to turn their notebook into a high performance graphics platform, with full HDTV support.
ViDock Gfx takes advantage of the fast connection offered by ExpressCard technology, the latest standard from PCMCIA for notebook expansion, to deliver an uncompromised user experience in term of speed, responsiveness, 3D acceleration and resolution support. Combined with DVI Dual Link and Dual DVI video output, all the displays currently in the market can be supported, including the 30" ones at 2560x1600. The operating system compatibility ensures support for Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X. Aero accelerated user interface for Vista is supported.
ViDock will be on the market bundled with the valuable software application "VTMultiDisplay" that improves the user experience when working with multiple screens.
Village Tronic is an international, Multi-Display company and since 1996 is the world market leader for independent graphics cards for Motorola based Work Stations. In 2004 Village Tronic ignited the Multi-Display-Revolution for Notebook workstations with the introduction of VTBook for the Windows, Macintosh & Linux platforms. For further information about Village Tronic and its products, please visit the company's web site: EMail:


[Village Tronic via Impress]

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The best part, naturally, is that the card sitting idly on the table next to the laptop is clearly PCMCIA, so likely entirely unrelated to the product they're demoing.

It is good to finally see some products to stick in an expresscard slot though. Up until now it was pretty much cellular modems and card readers.