Vintage Cameras as Nightlights: Comforting or Creepy?

Illustration for article titled Vintage Cameras as Nightlights: Comforting or Creepy?

It's hard to argue against the visual appeal of these nightlights. They're old, forgotten cameras repurposed into something useful once again. But when you think about having these in your house, doesn't it make you feel a bit, um, unsettled?


That camera would be sitting there in whatever dark room you stumble into at 3 in the morning, greeting you with a lens and a glowing light. Is it taking pictures of you? If it is, what is it doing with those pictures? Is it conscious? See what I mean? [JayFish/Flickr]



Imagine all the twee next-gen hipster kids with these who need them to scare away the boogey-man they're ironically afraid of so they can sleep after a long day of riding their fixie tricycles and catching Pokemon that no-one has heard of yet.

I say imagine because there will be no next generation of hipster kids. Skinny jeans have destroyed any hope of the current moustache enthusiasts of being fertile. Portland will be a wasteland in thirty years.