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Vintage Fishing Knife, Heavy Rabbit Stool, and More

Illustration for article titled Vintage Fishing Knife, Heavy Rabbit Stool, and More

Don't go outside. It's hot. Instead, stay inside and cool down with these beautiful things. From a house on a hairpin driveway to tiny greenhouses, these are your most beautiful items of the week.


Home on a Hairpin Turn: Needs More Hazard Lights

Peru's 2.8x Architects took on a challenge with the Mirador House-how do you build something beautiful when the land you have to work with is an uneven plot situated on a steep bend? More


I'm In Love With This Gorgeous Vintage Fishing Knife and I Don't Even Know What It All Does (Update: Figured It Out!)

We stumbled upon this German vintage Puma folding fisherman's knife on eBay and we can't take our eyes off of it. But, er, we're not even entirely sure what all of the little design elements do. We're not a fisherman, but let's take a closer look. More

Would You Buy This Freak Egg Carton?

A Hungarian designer completely rethought egg packing with Egg Box, a simple, modern carton. Only problem is, we can't decide if it's terrible or perfection. More


Don't Worry, You Won't Actually Smash This Stool

It's not entirely clear how you're supposed to sit on this. It looks like a crafty person cobbled together a bunch of matching hangers and said "voila! A stool!" More


Grow a Tiny Garden in a Tiny Ikea Greenhouse

Good news if you've got a green thumb and limited space-Ikea now sells mini-greenhouses. And they're only $20 a pop. More


The Cousins of the Keebler Elves Live in this Hut

I don't know if elves live in this house, but it sure looks like they might. Located on the Swedish coast, the 269-square-foot hut looks like a flower that just sprouted out of the ground. More


ASCII-ized Google Street View Is a Beautiful Way To Get Lost

Digital maps of the world have gotten so comprehensive, complex, and accessible that it's easy to take marvels like Google Street View for granted. Leave it to these gorgeous, real-time ASCII renderings of Street View to remind you that holy crap it's incredible. More


Using These Smart Glass-Infused Desk Objects Is Like Playing the World's Safest Game of Russian Roulette

There's a lot to love about this trio of concept desk objects, be it the identical forms the clock, lamp and container each take on, the tonal color scheme, or the complete absence of unnecessary bells and whistles. But far and away, the coolest feature is the use of smart glass, which obscures your view into each container, thus leaving you to guess which object you're picking up. More


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Hey I'm meeting the designer of the "Freak Egg Carton" next week. Gonna test how sturdy and safe that carton really is. I'll probably shoot some pics, maybe some video of it. I'll send it in to Giz to get you guys updated :)