Would You Buy This Freak Egg Carton?

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A Hungarian designer completely rethought egg packing with Egg Box, a simple, modern carton. Only problem is, we can't decide if it's terrible or perfection.


The single stackable piece of microwaved cardboard has ellipse cut-outs where the eggs go, and it supposedly protects the fragile orbs while letting you inspect them for cracks without having to open a bunch of styrofoam crates. It's pretty lovely, too. But Gizmodo staff was skeptical of its effectiveness. Here's the reaction from our chat room:

Leslie H this egg crate? wish you were here!

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Joe does it work?
because I really think that would last about 5 mins in a grocery bag
J.D. L. according to the guy they interview it does
Andrew L. I thought my eggs would be more inclined to break in that
Brent R. it only holds six eggs?
J.D. L. oh that
Leslie H. i dont need many eggs
Joe Yeah, I'm with Leslie on that
Harry S. yeah the prevailing carton model takes inpiration from the arch, hallmark of roman architectural integrity
Joe but it doesn't look strong or easy to yse
Brent R. i usually buy 24 at a time...
i should get my cholesterol checked
Leslie H. i dunno i think if you use your own bags, it would be good
Andrew L. brent - champion of the egg farmer
Joe I do use my own bags
Leslie H. wont crush, depending on strength of cardboard
the styrofoam crates are flimsy
Harry S. i'm on 36 eggs a week and my cholesterol is fine
Leslie H. brent do you seriously buy 24 at a time?
Brent R. ah good. then I feel better.
Leslie H. do you have eight growing sons we don't know about?
Mario A. I'm doing Deadmau5 catphones
Brent R. I do! well my GF and I both eat a lot of eggs. and I usually eat 4 at a time
(she usually eats 2 at a time)
10:15 AM
Andrew L. and leslie, eight growing daughters could eat lots of eggs too!
Leslie H. hah ok true


What do you think? Should grocery stores ditch the styrofoam things in favor of something like this? Or do you fear you'd get home with a soupy mess of yolks, whites, and shells in the bottom of your bags? [Design Milk]

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With so much of the eggs' surfaces exposed, however sturdy the cardboard is won't stop any number of possible things that may break the shell when being jostled during shipment or carrying home from the grocery store, as you point out. Regular paper containers work well as they are. With this design, they'd still need an extra covering during shipment to protect them.

Perhaps the solution to this design, other than simply abandoning it, would be to extend that sleeve to the ends.