We stumbled upon this German vintage Puma folding fisherman's knife on eBay and we can't take our eyes off of it. But, er, we're not even entirely sure what all of the little design elements do. We're not a fisherman, but let's take a closer look.

Here's a look at the stainless steel knife unfolded. The blade's curved for gutting. We're assuming that big circular lump on the knife's butt is designed for smacking the fish you just caught over the head until you've killed it dead (See update. This knife is not for the catch-and-release fisherman.


In this close-up of the knife's blade you can see that the top side of the knife is lightly serrated for scaling your catch. See those little numbers indicating weights in kilograms? It also appears that the knife works as some kind of hanging scale.


Man if only we had $242.50 to spare we'd bid right away, even if we're not really sure what we're looking at. It's just so beautiful. What details are we missing? Help us out!



Wow! You guys are fantastic! So fast!

It turns out that Puma still makes this knife. Definedivine points out that Puma still makes this knifeit's called the Sportsfisher Messer and it costs $190. Oh, and it's unbelievably beautiful.


As for the ball at the end, turns out it's not for killing the fish, it's a counterweight for the scale. As redoubtable1 notes:

My guess to determine weight you have the knife unfolded and suspended from the leather thong. Then you would hang the fish from a loop of line on the serrated edge. When the knife balanced you'd have your weight by looking at the number where your the fish dangled.


But that doesn't mean I can't use it to kill the fish, right? Thanks guys!