Virtual Doggy in a Console: vMigo

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In the relentless quest for the shitless dog, here's a new one, the vMigo, a plug-and-play TV-connected console that includes a carry-around Tamagotchi-like handheld pod with a 16-bit screen and a pedometer inside. If you want your pet to stay happy, you'll have to take it out for a walk, and that pedometer keeps you honest, measuring exactly how far you've gone.


Bring that pod home and plug it into the console, and then you'll see a Sims-like virtual world on your TV that looks a whole lot like the Catz and Dogz software games from a few years back. That's where you can make a fool out of your pet by buying clothes for it, getting it groomed and playing little games with it. Set to ship for the holidays, it will be $49.99, with additional pets for $29.99.

Cute, but this is only halfway there. Bring on the realistic robot dogs!

Virtual Pet Prefers Real Walks [Popular Mechanics]

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yur commerical maks my best friend angry. it maks her so angry tht she thrw the remote at the tv and it accidentally ht me in the head. she doesnt undrstand why someone would actually make a hand held game about a little doggy. the dog is ugly. the game is ugly and the person who made it is probably ugly too. she would like to tell the persn who creatd ths gme tht yu are probably the stupidest person alive and she now feels dumbr for watchn tht commercial. thenk yu for yur time.


doggy hatrs NJ