Reader Justin was inspired by all that talk of Vista running on a MacBook Pro with a Core 2 Duo processor, so he decided to try it on his MacBook with a Core Duo processor using Parallels. It turns out he's had great results:

It slows down my system a tiny bit, but not very much. I can still have Vista up and running, while doing much needlessly complicated calculus using Maple in Mac OSX. It's beautiful. I'm running the Vista Ultimate edition. According to istatpro, while all of these things are running, I still have over 70% of my processor power available as well as about 35% of my RAM idle.


Vista and OS X fan boys, lay down your arms. Now you can have the best of both worlds, even on a MacBook. The weirdest part is, we're hearing Vista runs better than OS X on some Macs.

Update: We contacted Justin, and he said he ran into the same problems mentioned before, where the network doesn't run and neither does the Windows Experience Index. So this Vista on OSX/Parallels thing isn't quite perfect yet. Plus, you'll need a copy of the more-expensive Enterprise or Ultimate Editions to run it on Parallels legally—the Home Edition EULA doesn't allow virtualization.


Thanks, Justin!