Visual Voicemail Coming to Verizon... For a Price

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Rumor has it that Verizon Wireless will be joining AT&T and Sprint in offering visual voicemail, in this case on four upcoming phones: LG's Chocolate 3 and an updated Voyager (possible software update but more likely hardware refresh), along with the mysteriously code-named "Blaze" and "Utopia" from Motorola. That's more phones than any other carrier to date, though there's no mention of it on the iPhone wannabe LG Dare. The catch is that the optional service will cost $2 a month—annoying when you consider other carriers offer it for free, though totally expected when you consider that even Verizon's email app costs an extra $5 per month. Look out for this to arrive in late July or early August. [IntoMobile]


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America's Most reliable network*

*With the exception of 1 square mile in Denver where I happened to move to. Where you get 1-0 bars and frequently drop calls, allowing you to opt out of a two year contract because of poor reception despite only being 2 months into the contract. However, in order to get out of said contract without being charged an early termination fee, you must call customer service 6 times (plus the times where my call was dropped), talk to 18 different people (spending about 3 hours on the phone), and wait two weeks for a technician to come out and test the signal. This, of course, comes after waiting at a Verizon retail store 2 months earlier for an hour and a half to get signed up for service.

America's most reliable network also includes America's least reliable customer service and the crappiest phones ever. Oh yeah, and V-cast.