Vivadi Saturn HD50 50-Inch Plasma Media Center Reviewed (Verdict: Great, But Hope Your Kids Like TV More Than College)

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Running at an obscene $20,000, plus another $9,400 for custom speakers, you'd think this 50" has one Zero too many in its price. How does Vivadi justify this price? By making this a decorative unit as well as an entertainment center.

Built into the wooden base is a "mega-powerful" Windows Media Center PC. Two tuners, 400 GB hard disk, and a DVD player that can be upgradable to either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, the PC part of this TV is can hold its own against similar separately-built units.

The sound system is similarly impressive.

Even if you're just using the speakers built into the main console the quality is outstanding, with effortless power, dynamic range and clarity. But splash the cash on that extra surround sound speaker set and you'll experience the sort of home cinema and hi-fi heaven only usually found on megabucks separates systems for the blue-blood audiophile set.


At nearly $30,000, this set is way out of the price range of most readers. But for those who can afford it, this entertainment center should last you quite a while.

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