Vizio Causes More HDTV Mayhem with the $100 1080p Stream Player

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Don't think that Vizio is just going to let its HDTV dominance wane now that it's making PC's. No, it's not nearly done kicking the HD hornets nest. Today, Vizio unveiled a $100 streaming box that puts Apple TV and Roku to shame.

The Vizio VAP430 Stream Player box will feature Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, two HDMI ports and DLNA support (whiich are lacking from most of its competition), and will stream up to 1080p content. It should support at least MPEG4, WMV and MP3 formats with more likely to be announced later. The player will also be released bundled with Google TV and reportedly support streaming 3D content and streaming games from OnLive as well as the normal streaming content providers including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Slacker Radio, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO GO.


With its heavy GoogleTV integration—including reskinned system interface—and all-in-one QWERTY remote that can control a set-top box plugged into the spare HDMI port, the Stream Player aims to make flipping from live TV to streaming entertainment as easy as flipping from channel to channel. While there is no exact date set, the Stream Player is expected to be available for sale on Vizio's website (and only Vizio's website) in the first half of the year. [Vizio via Streaming Media Blog]