Vizio Plans to Beat PC's "Sleepy Giants" at Their Own Game

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Not content with dominating the HDTV market, Vizio revealed on Friday plans to turn the PC business on its ear with a series of sleek, Apple-inspired All-in-One and Notebook PC's.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae announced that Vizio will unveil two Windows 7 All-in-Ones, with 24-inch and 27-inch displays, and three Notebooks—in a 14-inch and two 15-inch varieties—at CES next week. The new line is expected to go on sale in June, possibly with the forthcoming Ivy Bridge processors inside, and will be available at "a price that just doesn't seem possible," said McRae. He declined to elaborate further on specs and pricing, only noting that they'll be "substantially less" than Apple's offerings.

"It's very similar to TV—we want to get in there and disrupt it," McRae continued. "We think most PCs have been designed for the small-business users, that others have not done a very good job of making them entertainment devices." [Electronista - Engadget - Bloomberg - Financial Times]

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Slightly off-topic but if Best Buy doesn't get a contract to start selling Vizio's, I think that's the big end point for them selling TVs. It definitely hurts their bottom line.