Vodafone 904SH Cellphone with Face Recognition

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Vodafone has rolled out an unusual 3G and GSM cellphone that gets to know you as well as your dog does. It performs this magic trick with an OKI face recognition sensor that does away with the need for entering a pin number. With a swiveling 2.4 inch screen and an 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera, the 904SH also has a motion sensor that lets you play games such as virtual golf with the thing. Using Bluetooth, it's even suggested that you could play fighting games against an opponent within that 30-foot Bluetooth limit. It's available in pleasant-looking colors such as black, powder blue and purple. No announcement of price or availability was forthcoming.


Vodafone 904SH, the VGA phone that recognises you
[Akihabara News]