Vodaphone to Bring on the Bandwidth

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Europe's cellphone carrier Vodaphone has announced a laptop card that will support High Speed Data Packet Access (HSDPA), helping you boost your bandwidth and upgrade to 3G networks. Part of its Mobile Connect Card Broadband, it's based on Option's GlobeTrotter HSPDA card and can bring you download speeds of up to 1.8Mbps—which is 5 times faster than standard 3G networks. Dell also said it would be partnering with Vodafone to bring HSPDA connectivity to future notebook products, hopefully by the end of the first half of this year. Also look for Acer to follow suit with the ability to connect to the Internet with HSDPA, specifically in its TravelMate 4260 and Aspire 5650 laptops.

Vodafone readies HSDPA 3G card for notebooks [reghardware]

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